York Away Game Schedule

4:00 – Call Time, load equipment, change into uniform.

4:45 – Depart DCHS

6:15 – Arrive at York, unload, and prepare for game.

7:00 – Game begins

Halftime – Performance by the Fighting Tiger Marching Band!!!

Third quarter – dinner break

10:00 – Load and depart York.

11:30 – Unload, go home, and get some sleep!


York Institute

701 North Main Street

Jamestown, TN 38556


Blue Devil Invitational Schedule

11:15 – Band Room opens

11:45 – Call Time

12:00 – Rehearsal

1:45 – Load equipment and change

2:30 – Depart DCHS

3:15 – Arrive, unload, change, and prepare for performance.

4:15 – Line Up

4:30 – Warm Up (Area B)

5:00 – Performance by the Fighting Tiger Marching Band!!!

Following the performance we will return to the bus, change out of uniform, and load the equipment.

6:00 – Go to stadium, eat dinner at concession stands, and watch bands.

8:30 – Lebanon High School Exhibition Performance. All students must be in the stands.

9:00 – Awards. All leaders must be dress by 8:30.

10:15 – Depart Lebanon High School.

11:00 – Return to DCHS and unload.


Listen carefully to ALL instructions given by Mr. Wright the first time they are given!

Remember to bring a change of clothes for after the performance including your band shirt.

Bring money for dinner at the concession stands. There will also be a number of souvenir stands available.

Remember to be respectful and listen to all chaperones and don’t forget to thank the parents for all that they do!


Lebanon High School

415 Harding Drive

Lebanon, TN 37087