Smith County Away Game Schedule

4:30 – Call Time: Load equipment and get in half uniform.

5:00 – Depart DCHS

6:00 – Arrive at Smith County High School, unload, and prepare for game.

6:30 – Move to football field

7:00 – Game begins! Let’s Go Tigers!

Halftime – Performance by the Fighting Tiger Marching Band!!!

Third quarter – Dinner break: be back in stands by 4th quarter.

Post-game – Load and depart SCHS.

11:00 (estimated) – Arrive at DCHS and unload. All students will be dismissed once all uniforms are turned in.


Smith County High School

312 Fite Ave E

Carthage, TN 37030

Hendersonville Golden Invitational Schedule



8:00AM – Call Time DON’T BE LATE!

8:15 – Rehearsal

9:30 – Load equipment

10:00 – Depart DCHS

11:30 – Arrive, unload, and change into full uniform.

1:00PM – Line up

1:10 – Arrive at Warm Up Area B

1:45 – Performance by the Fighting Tiger Marching Band!!!

2:00 – Critique in Lecture Room

2:30 – Return to bus, load, and change into band shirts

3:00 – Move to stands and watch bands

4:15 – Depart HHS for Rivergate Mall

4:30 – Arrive at Rivergate Mall and eat dinner

5:45 – Load and depart Rivergate Mall

6:00 – Arrive and move to stands to watch bands. Those receiving awards must be dressed in full uniform by 8:00PM.

8:00 – Performance by Hendersonville High School and Tennessee State University (all students must be in stands for these performances).

8:30 – Awards Ceremony

9:30 – Load bus and depart HHS.

11:00PM – Arrive at DCHS, unload, and turn in uniforms.



After we perform all students must wear their red band shirt. All other clothing worn MUST follow the school dress code.

You must be on your best behavior at all times. Remember you are representing DeKalb Co., your parents, the band program, and Mr. Wright.

Once we are inside the stadium, you are not allowed to leave unless you are accompanied by a chaperone.

Stay focused and remember that we have practiced hard for this! You are prepared so do your best and have fun!



Hendersonville High School

123 Cherokee Rd.

Hendersonville, TN 37075

Rivergate Mall

1000 Rivergate Parkway

Goodlettsville, TN 37072

Rivergate Mall

1000 Rivergate Parkway

Goodlettsville, TN 37072