Musical Honors for DCHS Band Student
by DC Band Boosters

For the fifth year in a row, Britney Campbell, a junior at DeKalb County High School, has been chosen to represent Middle Tennessee in its most prestigious musical ensemble, Tennessee’s Mid-State Band. On Saturday, December 5th, Britney traveled to McGavok High School in Nashville to audition for Mid-State, which selects its musicians from the Middle Tennessee area based on the students’ level of musical ability. At the senior high level, any 10th – 12th grade student in Middle Tennessee can audition. During the audition process, each student is tested in three general areas of musicianship. Students are asked to perform a prepared piece of music, which is a song that has been rehearsed prior to the audition date. Students are also required to demonstrate their ability in playing scales, a basic pattern of musical notes. They are also tested on sight-reading skills, which displays the ability to perform a song without having to rehearse it. 

Among the hundreds of Bb clarinet players in grades ten through twelve who auditioned for this event, Britney placed fourteenth chair in the Gold Band, Mid-State’s top ranking band. There were only three other juniors besides Britney who achieved such an achievement.

In January 2010, all the students who made the Mid-State Bands will rehearse in Murfreesboro. Students will only have a couple days to prepare for a concert, which will be held at Middle Tennessee State University. DeKalb County High School’s Band Director, Jonathan Wright, says, “I heard her audition through the door and she did a wonderful job.  She worked really hard for this and put in a lot of hours practicing.  I'm glad she did so well. She deserves it!”

Britney is the daughter of Mike Campbell and Kimberly Cox of Smithville.  Britney's dad says, "It is such an honor to have such a talented daughter. I am so proud of her for using her God-given talent to its fullest. She gives everything she attempts all she has to give.”

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